CB-02 Smiling Face Keyboard Brush 

CB-03 Keyboard Brush 

CB-04 Keyboard Brush with Paper Clip and Namecard Holder 

CB-05 Keyboard Brush with LCD/LED Screen Cleaner 

CL-2013 Calculator with Colour Buttons 

CL-3015 2 way Calculator with Clock & Calendar 


CL-2016 Calculator with World Time 

EF 7515 Expanding File

H-2834 Pyramid Highlighter (4 colour) 

H-2835 5 Pcs Highlighter Set 

H-7788 Highlighter with Notepad 

NB-333 PP Notepad with Sticky Tabs & Ruler  


NP 1071 PU Memo Pad 

NP 1072 Memo Pad with Letter Opener 

NP 1073 Memo Pad

P 555 Magnetic Photo Frame with Pen Holder

PC 1058 Pen Holder with Clock

PC 1052 PU Pen Holder with Clock, Calendar & Notepad